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Return Policy


If you are not satisfied with the product(s) you ordered, or in case you ordered multiple articles because you couldn't decide yet, you can return the article(s) you don't wish to keep. If you received a damaged or incorrect item, the return has to be submitted within 30 days after receiving your package. If you purchased an item and decide not to keep it, but there is nothing wrong with the item, then you have 14 days to submit the return. In this case, the customer pays for the shipping costs.


You can use the return portal https://jewelsbyjanine.shipping-portal.com to return your products. Here you can also mention the reason for your return. You must return the return shipment sufficiently franked. If your return is accepted you will receive a full refund or you may exchange the item for the same amount. In the unfortunate event that you receive a damaged product and you can prove this happened before wearing, you will also get refunded for the possible shipping costs. If for any reason you have difficulty using the return portal, please send me a message and I will help you further.


Please keep in mind that earrings. worn jewelry of any kind and personalized jewelry can't be returned. I take responsibility for repairs and the quality of my products for a maximum of 3 months. I cannot be held responsible if you decide to repair your items somewhere else or if you make alterations on your jewelry such as engravings or shortening the chains of your necklace or bracelet. I am also not accountable for any lost or stolen articles. If you are in doubt whether you can return an item, feel free to reach out!